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Sunday, May 4, 2014

PPC Marketing

Ad Campaigning for fast business growth

PPC Services & Process:
  1. Keyword Analysis: Keyword analysis is critical part in PPC. Keyword analysis is done & gives different type of keywords based on needs.:
    • Industry trending keywords.
    • Generic keywords.
    • Branding Keywords
    • Converting keywords (guess)
  2. Initial account set up for:
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Bing Adwords
  5. Face Book Ads
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. LinkedIn ads
  8. Campaign Set Ups:
  9. Campaign set up is critical part in every PPC account. We need to identify needs of projects which will help in creating apt strategy in campaign setting. Campaign settings will be doing based on follow criteria’s:
    • Campaigns based on demographics.
    • Based on interest.
    • Based on Competitors.
    • For Branding.
    • For Leads & Sales.
  10. Ad’s Creations & Texting:
  11. Will create effective text and display ads based on feasibility and needs of clients by including following points:
    • Based on specific keywords.
    • Ad copy that matches with landing pages
    • Based on competitor and his ad copy.
    • Clear and compelling info.
    • Call to actions.
  12. Enabling Tracking Cods:
  13. Tracking mechanism will status campaign out.
    • Conversion tracking codes enabling.
    • Remarketing codes enabling.
    • Custom tagging enabling.
    • Event tracking on landing pages etc.
  14. Campaign monitoring & optimization:
  15. Based on campaign performance, will optimize ads and campaign.
    • web analytics

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