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WebLogic 12c Administration Essentials

Course Objective:

  • This course makes you learn following:
  • You can config complete WebLogic domain with Manage servers, High availability clusters, Server Lifecycle, and Remote Restart
  • Capability to config, Modify, Monitoring the system resources: JDBC, JMS, Virtual host
  • Deployment of application archival formats war, ear, rar in diff modes
  • Ability to manage and measure the Performance do the required tuning for queue, topics, for JVM, network, memory
  • Trouble Shooting with log Monitoring, automation tips using wlst
  • Capability to provide security, creating user, groups config authorization provide
  • Most of the Oracle Certification Exam 1Z0-599 exam questions covered in this course

  1. WebLogic 12c Server Basics
    • Overview of WebLogic
    • WebLogic Directory Structure
    • The config.xml File
    • Starting and Stopping WebLogic Server
    • Architecture of WebLogic Server
    • WebLogic Providing Services
    • JEE Services Overview
  2. Managed Servers and Clusters
    • Introduction to Clusters
    • Advantages of Cluster
    • Cluster-Key Capabilities
    • Cluster communication
    • Cluster Configuration methods
    • Session Replication in a Cluster
    • Load Balancing with a Proxy Plug-in
    • Load Balancing Algorithms
    • HTTP session State Replication
    • Cluster Architecture- Basic, Multi tier and Proxy
    • Apache Plug-in : Configuration
    • Cluster Configuration
    • Adding a Remote Server to the Cluster
    • Starting the Cluster
    • Deploying an Application to the Cluster
    • Testing the Deployment
  3. Node manger
    • Introduction to Node manager
    • Node manager architecture
    • Starting managed server with NM
    • WLST – Node manager
    • Starting with WLST
    • Shutdown with WLST
  4. JDBC
    • JDBC Data Source
    • JNDI Data source
    • Connection pool Advantages
    • Generic Data source configuration
    • Multi- data sources
    • Grid Link Data source
    • Demo with
  5. WebLogic Deployment
    • Application deployment
    • Deployment Tools
    • Archived files – Exploded Dir
    • Deployment targets
    • Stage modes
    • When to use stage mode
    • Auto Deployment
    • Demo sample. war with JSP Servlet on deployment
  6. JMS Resources
    • Java Message Service
    • Introduction to JMS
    • Components of WebLogic JMS
    • JMS Server configuration
    • JMS Server Targeting
    • JMS Connection Factory
    • JMS Destinations
    • Other terminology used in JMS
    • Monitoring JMS queues, Topic
    • Cross domain communication
    • Bridges
    • Foreign Servers
  7. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    • What is SSL? How does it work?
    • What is a SSL Certificate? Why are they used?
    • How is one created? What makes it unique?
    • Are certificates good forever? How to keep them valid?
    • Operational issues
    • Ordering
    • Cost
    • Support
    • Demo with openssl on Apache HTTP server
  8. Work manager
    • Introduction
    • Understanding Default execute threads
    • Work Managers and Execute Queues
    • Work Manager Scope
    • Using Work Managers, Request Classes, and Constraints
    • Examples Deployment Descriptor using Work Manager
    • Demo for Configure Work Manager with Min Thread, Max Thread constraints, and Capacity for web application
  9. WebLogic Security
    • Security Realm Over review
    • Security Provider Stores
    • Store Implementations
    • Default Security Configuration
    • Store Implementations
    • LADP Authentication Provider
    • Admin Groups
    • Control Flags
    • Demo with two different user groups and validate the access permissions
  10. Performance and tuning
    • Introduction to Performance - Tuning
    • Understanding JVM tuning
    • WebLogic server tuning details
    • Troubleshooting common problems
    • WebLogic Server Hang
    • Out of Memory error and memory leak
    • Server crash
  11. WebLogic Server Logging
    • Understanding logging
    • WebLogic server logging process
    • Server forward messages to domain log
    • Application subsystem logging
    • Log message format
    • Configuring logging with WLST
    • References
    • Demo with managed server logs configurations
  12. WLST
    • What is WLST?
    • Why WLST?
    • Modes of operation
    • Features
    • How to start WLST scripts?
    • Online Offline WLST
    • Configure domain with WLST
  13. JMX
    • How WebLogic JMX programming works?
    • JMX Architecture
    • JMX for monitoring WebLogic domains
    • Comparison JMX, WLST
    • Conclusion
    • Demo monitoring with JMX
  14. JTA
    • What is transaction?
    • ACID
    • Transaction Management
    • 2phase commit
    • Types of Transactions
    • Extended Architecture Protocol
    • Configuring the Transaction Log
    • Monitoring Transactions
    • Viewing Transaction Statistics for XA Resources

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