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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Twitter Marketing

Course Objective
This is short term course, the course can be learned in weekends.
Twitter Marketing for Business Growth

Course Content
  • An introduction to Social Media and Twitter in particular
  • What is Twitter and why has it become the phenomenon it has
  • Twitter and harnessing the ability of 'immediate' communication
  • The ground rules; the major do's and don't about creating a business profile on Twitter.
  • How it works - the basics
  • How it works - the advanced and little known features
  • Etiquette on Twitter
  • Who to follow and why
  • Establishing and keeping followers
  • Using Twitter to build your brand
  • Tweeting style and tailoring it to your company
  • Driving visitors to your client website through Twitter
  • Changing followers behaviour through Twitter
  • Direct communication with your followers
  • Generating leads through Twitter for offline follow-up
  • Essential third party tools and applications
  • Twitter and legal implications
  • Company on Twitter
  • Competitors on Twitter
  • The sector in which you operate and Twitter trends
  • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Twitter

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