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Monday, August 18, 2014

Django - Python web framework Training


  • Any basic programming, Python is added
  • interest in learning design patterns basic of MVC
  • Knowledge on Regular expressions
  • Basic application development helps better
Software installation
All these can be installed in the first class only you need to keep it ready in your machine.
  • iPython
  • IEP Interactive Editor for Python
  • pip package install
  • django

Course available in morning, eveinging sessions, Weekend batches also there as per the participants new batch would be forms!

Duration : 20 hours
Class : inclass, online

django Course

Django Course content

  1. Introduction to Python web framework
  2. django powered Weblog
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Models
  5. QuerySets
  6. Administrating django Sites
  7. URL Configuration and Request/Response (Views)
  8. Software development support
  9. Presentation with Django Templates
  10. Dynamic content with Forms
  11. File Uploads and Generic View
  12. Deployment for a sample project

Takeaway from this course

  1. A complete django based website as a project for your thoughts
  2. Handson Realtime MVC implementation
  3. Handson UI development with models using MySQL database 

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