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Kubernetes Master Class

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Apache Kafka

Course Content of Apache Kafka

Course covers the following topics

Session-1Kafka Introduction Need of Messaging SystemWhy and What is KafkaBigData OverviewMicroServices OverviewKafka FeaturesKafka UsecasesDifference between RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and Kafka Session -2Kafka Internals & basicsKafka ArchitectureInstalling KafkaWorking with single node – single broker cluster Session-3Write custom Producer and ConsumerWorking with multi-node clusterKafka API’s Session-4Kafka ConnectKafka StreamsKafka Monitoring Session-5Kafka AdministrationUsing Kafka in Event Sourcing, Saga & CQRSKafka Integration with Hadoop, Storm and Spark
Takeaway from this course
You will be able to design the Enterprise solution with Apache KafkaYou will be able install and configureYou can scale the KafkaYou are able to configure HA Cluster for Apache Kafka

DevOps Foundation Course

This course is planned with the following:

DevOps Foundation Course content
DevOps for present ITDevOps OverviewDevOps ToolsAgile methodologyVirtualizationCloud ComputingSetting up AWS AccountVersion Control System - GitWhat is VCS? and What is SCM?Installation of Git on Windows, LinuxDifferences of SVN and GITUnderstanding the git stagesCreate branches in Git and Merge & Rebase Rename move files and deleting filesGit repository setupGit push, pull and fetch Git stash, conflicts, tagCI/CD- JenkinsIntro to CI/CDInstallation of JenkinsSystem ConfigurationUsing CredentialsSCM poll with GitHub/GitContainerization - DockerContainerization Docker conceptsDocker ArchitectureDocker Image building DockerfileDocker NetworkDocker StorageBest practices in DockerDocker repositoryDocker SecurityOrchestration - KubernetesWhat is Kubernetes? Why?Kubernetes ArchitectureComponents of Master, SlaveKubernetes ObjectsKubernetes InstallationKubernetes NetworkingVolume in KubernetesDeployment in k8s Repl…

Tomcat Administration

Course Objective Apache Tomcat Administration
Instructor led training
Training Course covers the details of
Installing and configuring for the Tomcat Web Server.
How to start and stop the Tomcat Server

Course ContentIntroductionPre-requisites VMInstalling and configuring TomcatDeployment of web applications Running multiple Tomcat servers in single machineLoad balancing Apache HTTP Server with mod_jkConfiguration ClusterVirtual Host for module JDBC - MySQL connectivityTomcat Security  - SSL configurationLoggingJVM and Garbage Collection Tomcat VirtualHost ConfigurationRemote monitoringTroubleshooting Issues
Takeaway from this courseYou will be strong in the Web Administration roleAble to run the micro services Troubleshooting skills

Learn Docker Kubernetes

The course content

DevOps Docker container orchestration with Kubernetes Cluster setup high demand in Cloud platforms. Designed especially for those who are interested in DevOps practices, this course will give you a complete DevOps with Docker container for production setup. You will be master in DevOps within 30 sessions (almost month)

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Docker Concepts Install docker on LinuxDocker flow : images to containersDocker flow : containers to imagesRun processes in containersManage containersNetwork between containersLink containersDynamic and legacy linkingImagesVolumesDocker in production launch private registryDocker Hub -- public repository Docker build -- Images What are Dockerfiles?Building DockerfileCommands Syntax for DockerfileMulti-project Docker fileBest practices  - avoid golden images Kubernetes Orchestration Setting up KubernetesCreating your own Pods Ready and liveness checks Resource Limits Secrets Persistent Volumes Using L…

WebLogic 12c Administration on Virtual Box, Vagrant

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Instructor led trainingVideo session

DevOps Online Course

Learning new trending technologies

The course can be customized as per the needs.Industry real time expert will deliver the sessionEstimated course duration 40 hrsHands-on Virtual Machine provided on demandRecorded session will be delivered Course presentations and material will be sharedEvery session is interactive and most of the Q & A sessions will be there.

DevOps course content Introduction to Devops Define Devops What is Devops SDLC models: Waterfall, Lean, ITIL, Agile, Why Devops? History of Devops Devops Stakeholders Devops Goals Important terminolo…