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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Learn Docker Kubernetes

The course content

DevOps Docker container orchestration with Kubernetes Cluster setup high demand in Cloud platforms. Designed especially for those who are interested in DevOps practices, this course will give you a complete DevOps with Docker container for production setup. You will be master in DevOps within 30 sessions (almost month)

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Docker Basics Concepts
  1. Install docker on Linux
  2. Docker flow : images to containers
  3. Docker flow : containers to images
  4. Run processes in containers
  5. Manage containers
  6. Network between containers
  7. Link containers
  8. Dynamic and legacy linking
  9. Images
  10. Volumes
  11. Docker in production launch private registry
  12. Docker Hub -- public repository
Docker build -- Images
  1. What are Dockerfiles?
  2. Building Dockerfile
  3. Commands Syntax for Dockerfile
  4. Multi-project Docker file
  5. Best practices  - avoid golden images
Kubernetes Orchestration
  1. Setting up Kubernetes
    1. Creating your own Pods 
    2. Ready and liveness checks 
    3. Resource Limits 
    4. Secrets 
    5. Persistent Volumes 
  2. Using Labels
    1. Replication Controllers 
    2. Manual scaling using kubectl.
    3. Introduction to Services 
    4. Horizontal Autoscaler 
  3.  Kubernetes Cluster in Production
    1. Namespaces
    2. node selector
    3. limit ranger
  4. Kubernetes Services
    1. Deployment
    2. Ingress controller
    3. Rolling upgrade for zero downtime
  5. Kubernetes Sys Admin
    1. Network Solution
    2. Cluster DNS
  6. Monitoring 
    1. ELK Stack
    2. cAdvisor usage for Container monitoring

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